Florence Old Town and Bridge

Into Florence across this historic bridge, one of three 1930’s era bridges designed and built by Conde McCullough whom the historic and beautiful Coos Bay Bridge we posted about earlier. These spans all feature some distinct art deco  touches. It’s a draw bridge which is raised now to allow tall masted fishing boats and sailboats to pass through. Back in the day freighters loaded with logs  and lumber frequently passed under.

WE also spent some time strolling and exploring the waterfront and Old Town Florence. The many shops, galleries, and eateries draw large crowds, especially on weekends but we were there mid week and spared the crowd. We dined al fresco at Beachcombers where they specialize in great beer and food. I had a quite impressive Rogue Dead n’Dead Imperial IPA aged in whiskey barrels.

A very pleasant day in a town we have become quite fond of.


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Wherever you go, there you are.

” Getting lost is just another way of saying, Let’s go exploring.”  Julia Chen

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Life on the road: More Americans are embracing RVs as their home

Source: Life on the road: More Americans are embracing RVs as their home

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Smoke and Heat

You can see how smoky things are on the Southern Coast of Oregon, mainly due to fires both inland and to the south. This picture was taken at about 7:30 this morn and things have only gotten worse. Tomorrow morning we head north to Thousand  Trails South Jetty RV Resort and spend the next two weeks in the Florence area. We like Florence a lot, having spent about 3 weeks there, earlier in the summer. A few pics,

When arrived here at The Mill  a week ago,  our plan was to stay only a couple of nights then move down to Cloverdale, CA where we had reservations in a favorite Sonoma County RV campground. On check  the weather we discovered that this place was experiencing triple digit heat and we decided to stay on the Oregon coast for  couple of weeks.  Of course, with Labor Day weekend, we couldn’t get in anywhere until Monday so we have been dry camping here  in Coos Bay and that has worked well, giving us a chance to explore and experience the area.  But tomorrow we’re off again, although Florence is only about 50 miles north. Far better to stay n the 70’s on the Oregon Coast and delay our entry into California for a  while.


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How do you get your mail, licence your car/RV, vote, etc:

Common question and we have chosen to make our  legal home address for  all of these purposes in South Dakota. There are other options so choose the one that works best for you. Here is good rundown.


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10 Items RV Campers need for Reliable Campground Set-up

I’m not pushing KOA But this list is quite useful.

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One Day, Two Lighthouses

We visited both the Umpqua River Light and the Coquille River Light. yesterday. In the morning we headed north on 101 crossing the Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge,  eventually arriving at Umpqua Lighthouse state a park.

The light house is quite impressive and still operating although no longer used as a navigation signal. It is maintained and operated by the county with lots of volunteer  hep and donations. They offer an excellent museum and gift shop as well as guided tours of the light house itself. you can actually stick your head up into the beautiful, first order,  fresnel lens.


After leaving the light we headed south on 101 back across the bridge into North Bend/ Coos Bay  caught a couple of dune photos. Coos Bay is the south end of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, very popular among aficionados of dune buggies, atvs, sand rails and the like. it extends up along the coast for more than 40 miles, ending near Florence.

Our destination now was near the town of Bandon, about 20 miles south, Bullards Beach State park, wherein resides the Coquille River Lighthouse. Not nearly was well-preserved as the Umpqua Light, it is still quite photogenic and accessible There is a gift shop  in the base of the light but the top is closed off. Another cool drawbridge leads into Bandon. Highway 101 has lots of these.

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