One Day, Two Lighthouses

We visited both the Umpqua River Light and the Coquille River Light. yesterday. In the morning we headed north on 101 crossing the Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge,  eventually arriving at Umpqua Lighthouse state a park.

The light house is quite impressive and still operating although no longer used as a navigation signal. It is maintained and operated by the county with lots of volunteer  hep and donations. They offer an excellent museum and gift shop as well as guided tours of the light house itself. you can actually stick your head up into the beautiful, first order,  fresnel lens.


After leaving the light we headed south on 101 back across the bridge into North Bend/ Coos Bay  caught a couple of dune photos. Coos Bay is the south end of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, very popular among aficionados of dune buggies, atvs, sand rails and the like. it extends up along the coast for more than 40 miles, ending near Florence.

Our destination now was near the town of Bandon, about 20 miles south, Bullards Beach State park, wherein resides the Coquille River Lighthouse. Not nearly was well-preserved as the Umpqua Light, it is still quite photogenic and accessible There is a gift shop  in the base of the light but the top is closed off. Another cool drawbridge leads into Bandon. Highway 101 has lots of these.

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