Like Trains? You’ll love Elbe, WA

20170825_114038-120170825_114122_001-120170825_114217In Elbe you’ll find the Hobo Inn where you can spend the night in a caboose or converted boxcar, have pizza, good food, or a strong drink in any one of three dining cars set up for the purposes. In addition,, on weekend you can take scenic  ride on a train pulled by a steam powered locomotive , have a meal at another railroad museum and return.


in addition there is the historic Elbe Church, a National Historic Site, still holding services about once a month, March through October, and often on call for weddings. Looks  to seat about 40.



About Bill and Merre Davis

Retired and living a full time RV lifestyle. We are Nomads, progressive in our politics, Bill is a vegan, Merre nearly so. Bill a secular humanist with Buddhist tendencies. Merre probably agnostic. We have been together for 48 years and planning to go forward together.
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