Butano State Park..The Neighborhood and the Neighbors.

So here we are and will remain until the end of July. We’re campground hosts at Butano State Park, a coastal redwoods park  near Pescadero, CA, about half way in between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.  After some challenges getting a  large RV into a park not designed to accomodate large RV’s.  Our beautiful, sylvan  home is surrounded on all sides by towering Redwoods,  Moss covered Douglas Firs, ferns , berries, and wild plants of all varieties including poison oak. Here is our  new temporary home.


Lots of flora and fauna, birds galore,  the occasional mountain lion  and various crawly creatures the most notable of which is the Banana Slug, the mascot  of UC Sanata Cruz.

The Park isn’t open yet. We have this beautiful place largely to ourselves. It officially opens on April 1 and they are expecting a big weekend.



About Bill and Merre Davis

Retired and living a full time RV lifestyle. We are Nomads, progressive in our politics, Bill is a vegan, Merre nearly so. Bill a secular humanist with Buddhist tendencies. Merre probably agnostic. We have been together for 48 years and planning to go forward together.
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1 Response to Butano State Park..The Neighborhood and the Neighbors.

  1. Jeanie says:

    Looks and sounds beautiful! We saw slugs that size in the temperate forest we hiked in just outside of Juneau Alaska. I found them amazing and rather gross at the same time.


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