And So It Goes…

As you have probably surmised, we are on the road. After replacing a fifth wheel hitch and a an alternator on the truck, we are now in Long Beach, WA  at a Thousand Trails resort. It is  beautiful here, green, blooming flowers, temps in the 50’s every day.   Worlds longest beach is a few hundred yards away.  The area is full of history and  high interest places to visit. It has rained almost continuously since we arrived. Wet is the keyword here. But, beauty is the next word, and relaxing. We’ve arrived as clam digging season begin, not our cup of tea but lots of people are here for that purpose.



Layla had her fist beach/ocean experience and loves the beach but the water, not so much



Long beach is a cool place and we’re enjoying it. A great deal to see and do in the area. We visited Cape Disappointment State Park, very beautiful .


The hike up to the light was difficult, pointing out to me how badly out of shape I am. The lighthouse over-looks the Columbia Bar, one of the most hazardous entrances into the United States and once known as “The Graveyard of the Pacific”.

All in all, things are going well.



About Bill and Merre Davis

Retired and living a full time RV lifestyle. We are Nomads, progressive in our politics, Bill is a vegan, Merre nearly so. Bill a secular humanist with Buddhist tendencies. Merre probably agnostic. We have been together for 48 years and planning to go forward together.
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